Hyperion &Theia Volume One: Saturnalia

The dawn is a gentle lover, Noontide a harsher color” – Terri Guillemets

Vol. 1 (Theme: Saturnalia)

Cover Art:

In the Carnival Night by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Editor’s Corner:

Dark Delights by Elizabeth O. Smith


The Darkness by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Silent Full Moon by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

The Life by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

The Ballad of Blind Love by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Son of the Moon by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

The Fire by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

The Death by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Kelpie of the Loch by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Malaleuca by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)

Hanako by Marga Biazzi (http://www.isoladeisegni.it/web/)


Dreaming Saturn by James Dorr [DARK DESTINY (White Wolf, 1994)]


In the Festival Tent by Dennis Mombauer

Heartless by Krystal Claxton [Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (Wilder Publications, 2015)]

Feast on the Sun by Jessie Volk

The Wizard of the Woods by Tyler Bourassa

In the Shadow of Fire by H.R. Boldwood

Scripto Inferior by Victor H. Rodriguez

Shadows at Dawn by Jamie Ryder

Goatway Drug by B. Morris Allen

End of the World Talk Show by Rachel Brittain

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Year One: Saturnalia [Announcement]


Hyperion and Theia’s first theme is here! Reprints are encouraged to submit. Check out the submissions page for more information.




the ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December, which was a period of general merrymaking and was the predecessor of Christmas.

an occasion of wild revelry.

noun: saturnalia; plural noun: saturnalias

A time of revelry and reversal, Saturnalia represents the breakdown of what has been deemed the natural order. Hyperion and Theia’s inaugural volume wants stories and poetry that runs the gamut of genres and turns expectations on their heads. Submit a fantastical murder-mystery set in the biggest carnival in Atlantis. Wow us with a sweeping romance in space where gods and goddesses serve their creations after a bloody war. Deadline January 31st, 2017 11:59 EST.

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