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Hyperion and Theia is an upcoming annual themed anthology of speculative, romantic, mysterious, and action-adventure driven fiction and poetry. It’ll include interviews as well as artwork and will emphasize the voices of the marginalized especially. All contributors receive payment, a discount on one physical copy, a percentage of royalties paid out quarterly for a year, and a free digital copy (either PDF/ePub/mobi) of their book. A digital archive will release monthly beginning in January after the year of publication.

Contact: editors [at] hyperionandtheia.com

ISSN: Coming Soon (DIGITAL)


Editor-in-Chief/Head Poetry Editor: Elizabeth O. Smith


E. O. Smith is the pseudonym of Olivia Raymond, using her first and middle name backward. Feel free to call her Elizabeth or Olivia. She’s produced and edited story-based video games since 2011 under Cherubim Scribes, Inc. She’s also a chocolate fanatic, owns three poodles, and finds that passion and purpose intrigues her when it comes to the written word.

Head Fiction Editor: Leah Brown

I’m a true believe in the power of storytelling. Through stories we are able to hold a mirror to the complex question that is the human condition. Whether we are diving in to a fantasy world, traveling back in time, or dissecting the microcosm of a single life, story has the power to change, illuminate, and, of course, entertain. As an editor, I have been helping authors of all styles shape and refine their storytelling for many years. I received my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and hold a Master’s degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University. I have worked with big and small publishers, as well as many independent authors. I live in Vancouver, WA, with my husband and son.


Interested in reviewing H&T? Contact press [at] radiantcrownpublishing.com. Include the volume number, preferred format (ePub/mobi/PDF), preferred email address, name, phone number, and the publication/online site you review for.

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